More About Me

There is a certain level of prestige that is associated with owning real estate that asset that can potentially insure your future for years to come through building generational wealth. This is where James comes in to help you navigate the industry as you seek to find your ideal home valuable investment or even a buyer for your home. Armed with great market insights and an understanding of the psychology of people he continually endeavors to provide creative housing solutions across all levels of affluence. His mission is to assist everyone he can in achieving their particular real estate goals.

Coming from the law enforcement industry where he holds a supervisory role James knows how involving yet fulfilling serving others can be especially as an advocate for those in need and who need him most. With 14+ years of experience in active service he evolved from an officer to a coach and a mentor taking the time to educate new hires and mold them into skilled and driven professionals. James brings the same determination will and passion to real estate where he capitalizes on ensuring that you will always be informed every step of the way.
Not new to holding positions of authority James is not afraid to step up and be the person that everyone can count on. He excels at being a voice of reason attentive to individual needs and always being honest and fair while facilitating desired outcomes. A hard worker and smart businessman James delights in being a compassionate and accommodating Realtor who will stop at nothing short of surpassing expectations. Also married with 3 kids he is adept at adopting outside-the-box perspectives in order to ensure exceptional experiences.